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Iceberg Anger

Do you know what you are feeling? Can you identify why you are feeling the way you are? This is so huge and complicated that it often takes years of intentional effort to figure these things out. And the more messed up we are, the longer and harder and more painful it can be.

An example is an iceberg. Often our emotional are like an iceberg. 80% or so of an iceberg's mass lies beneath the water. It is what you don't see that often is the most dangerous. This is why people often explode. This why people surprise us the way they do. They keep things hidden away from others, from themselves, and from God.

I worked with a guy that was the nicest guy 95% of the time. But every three or four months he would come in and just blast someone—-several times it was me. He would literally explode and gush frustration and anger often over a perceived flaw or wrong. Of course, you couldn't explain or converse with him when he was like this. Usually he would come in the next day and apologize. What was beneath the surface was what was dangerous.

Later, I found out how difficult his home life was and bad his marriage had been for years, which reinforced my ability not to take it personally. All this emotional baggage would build up and eventually he would blow up and spew all this emotional garbage all over the people around him or all over the unfortunate person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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