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Situations Differ

About 10 years ago on a July 4th, I went with the family to a minor league baseball game. We sat in the grassy area of the ballpark down the first base line, and during the game a foul ball game my way.

It was spinning pretty well, and I had a tough time getting a hold of the ball. Finally, I got a hold of it... well, I thought that I did.

All of the sudden, there was another hand on the ball, and suddenly it was out of my hands. A kid about 12 years old came from out of nowhere and grabbed it out of my hand and took off with it!

I was livid and I was ready to go after that kid! In fact, some of the adults around me said, "You should have knocked him down!" But I did not, and I did not go after him either. It took me a while to calm down but eventually I got over it. But I was very, very angry.

Now for some people they would have shrugged and laughed and not thought any more about it. For others they would have gone after the kid and a messy confrontation probably would have taken place.

Some situations do not bother us at all, but they make others very, very angry. Other situations really make us angry and others respond with a look, or a word, that says, "What's your problem?"

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