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In one of my sources, I read this about the ‘wise men’ and some of it was news to me!

"Not much is known about these astrologers (traditionally called wise men). We don't know where they came from or how many there were. Tradition says they were men of high position from Parthia, near the site of ancient Babylon. How did they know that the star represented the Messiah? (1) They could have been Jews who remained in Babylon after the Exile and knew the Old Testament predictions of the Messiah’s coming. (2) They may have been eastern astrologers who studied ancient manuscripts from around the world. Because of the Jewish exile centuries earlier, they would have had copies of the Old Testament in their land. (3) They may have had a special message from God directing them to the Messiah. Some scholars say these astrologers were each from a different land, representing the entire world bowing before Jesus."

No matter what their background was, they were seeking something more than a great adventure. These men were motivated about the meaning of life and about a reason for human existence. If we were to accept any of the suggestions as to their identity as just stated, then we can appreciate the long journey they took to find the Messiah.

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