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Shadowlands is a powerful movie

Based on the life of C.S. Lewis.

In one scene Lewis has just return from London to Oxford.

Thru interesting circulmstances he met Joy Gresham,

And American woman who was interested in his writings.

Later on in the story

Lewis marries Joy Gresham in a private ceremony

In her hospital room, since she has developed cancer.

Thru her illness,

A strong bond of friendship has developed

And they discover the profound love

That they now share for each other.

After the wedding,

As Lewis returns to the College in Oxford where he teaches,

Harry Harrington, and episcopalian Priest

Ask what news he has.

Lewis decides to share about the wedding

And not the cancer.

And he says, “Ah, good news, I think, Harry.

“Yes, good news.”

Harrington doesn’t know about the wedding and assumes

That Lewis is referring to Joy’s improving condition.

And he responds,

“I know how much you have prayed…

Now God has answered your prayer.”

And Lewis answers,

“That is not why I pray, Harry.

I pray, because I cannot help myself.

I pray because I’m helpless and needy

Whether I wake or sleep.

It doesn’t change God;

It changes me.”

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