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We Are Accountable

Three men who, police say, stole a car in San Jose, California, and drove it to Chico, California, were arrested in Chico when police caught them trying to break into the same car because they had locked the keys inside, or at least thought they had. Chico officer Jose Lara said that he found the keys in one of the men’s pockets.

In another story, Adam Ruiz was arrested in Buffalo, New York, after he showed up at work as a trainee at the same Burger King he allegedly robbed the week before.

As I read these stories, I thought about a verse of Scripture from the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament. In Numbers 32:23 KJV, it says, “…be sure your sin will find you out.” We know the adage that crime does not pay. That is a true statement. But also true is the fact that God holds us accountable for every evil deed we do. You may be sure that your sin will find you out.

Dr. J. Robert White, Words of Life, (Texas, Baxter Press, 2007) 27.

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