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Work Hard and Find Oil

According to Forbes Magazine, Warren Buffet is the wealthiest man on earth, with a net worth of $62 billion. If you compare his net worth to our nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), however, his relative wealth is less than half of what John D. Rockefeller had when he died. Rockefeller’s $1.4 billion was about 1.5% of the United States GDP; Buffet’s wealth is less than 1% of our country’s GDP.

So the story told that John D. Rockefeller was once asked, "What is the secret for becoming wealthy?" Rockefeller responded: "There are three simple rules for anyone who wants to become rich: 1) Go to work early. 2) Stay at work late. 3) Find oil on your land. Probably good advice, today even more so than in the 1870s when Rockefeller’s Standard Oil created a monopoly out of its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

From a sermon by Glenn Durham, "A Dynamic Church Shares Generously" 7/29/2008

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