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I Thought You Loved Me

Girls, picture this. It is a warm summer day. The birds are singing happily. The wind is blowing gently. You and that special guy are sitting outside in the sun just thrilled to be together. You have been dating now for two whole weeks and you have never known a more thoughtful, gentle, and caring person as this special guy. As you are talking and sharing the romantic moment with him, you feel as if he wants to tell you something. You look at him and you try to encourage him to say what it is that he is trying to say. Finally, he stumbles over the words, "I love you." You feel the emotions bubbling up inside of you. He loves me, you think and you even respond to him by saying, "I love you too." For that moment, is seems as if everything is right in the world. Nuclear explosions, earthquakes, and tsunamis could be happening all around you, but you don’t care because he loves you.

Another two weeks go by. You have been "going out" (even though you can’t really go anywhere because neither of you drive) for a month and things are okay, but you sense as if he isn’t as in to you as he once was. You still hang out together. You spend endless hours on the phone just hearing each other breathe. You still say, "I love you", but something just feels different. Tomorrow will be your one-month anniversary and so you call him up to see what plan he had to commemorate this special day. After all, he loves you, or at least so he says. Maybe the phone conversation goes something like this:

Girl: Hey there big guy, what are you doing?

Guy: Nothing, I am just hanging out.

Girl: I am really looking forward to tomorrow.

Guy: Yeah, me too.

Girl: I can’t wait to see you. I haven’t seen you for like three hours.

Guy: I know. I am forgetting what you look like.

Girl: So, what are we doing tomorrow?

Guy: Ummmm...we?

Girl: Yeah, you said that you were looking forward to tomorrow.

Guy: Oh, I am. The guys and I are going fishing at the lake, then...

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