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You’ve probably noticed; when two people get in a wreck, a drunk and a Christian, who lives? Who walks away from that wreck? It’s the drunk! And what happens to the Christian? Is he instantly killed or languishes in a nursing home for years? Whys is this? Among all other kids in my home town, my boy became sick and died. Good kid. Smart, obedient… And the bullies and the sickos still around… Why does the Lord make all these mistakes? Why did God let Hezekiah go like that? Does God know what He is doing?...

We heard of a good family, a tragedy happened in their life. Their son was just an upstanding young Christian man. He was looking forward to great things. He attended the church and was an exceptional Christian youth, a model young man.

One day he was on the roof, fixing a lick when... bam! he fall down. His life was in the balance and the doctor came to his parents and said, "I don’t think your son is going to make it." They went home and they called on the elders of the church and everybody banded together and they prayed earnestly, demanding that God would heal the boy.

Do you know what happened? God did heal their son. He was restored back to life very quickly. But soon after that, he left the church he once loved. He got into drugs. One night, he was out with some friends, they stole a sport car and they were in a terrible wreck and he was killed. At the time of the accident he was on drugs and also drunk. It was a tragedy. Apparently he was not prepared to... Why did that happen? I don’t have the answer. But I think we need to be careful when we demand things from God. I think the better situation we should place ourselves in is: "I submit to Your will. Be careful how you demand things of God.

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