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And I have something else to say it. We share the same story as this crippled man did: we can’t walk and others carry us. The pastor, the elders, church board, somebody from your family… your religion is a second hand religion. Others are carrying you… You are just passive watcher, crippled spirituality (hold your hand to beg!) And now, beggars, perfectly satisfied with their status, are begging at the gates.

They even compare the gates and proudly say:

- I am begging at the Beautiful gate! How about you?

- Well brother, I am begging at the Sheep gate.

- Shhep gate? Oh, I feel sorry for you, it is an ugly gate, with many doctrines, and interdictions... Come on here, let’s begging together at my gate, brand new gate, megagate! They have everutying on satelite TV live! And zero doctrines, and no self-sacrifice... just religious show.

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