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The event occurred back in the early 60’s when Abortion was not a legal option. She was a young High School student. She met a boy that was everything that she dreamed of. She allowed him to have his way with her and she became pregnant. He told her that he had no desire to marry her and was going to college. She wanted to keep the Baby but her family had different Ideas. They told her that she was to young and it would be to difficult.

Her uncle had found a place that cared for unwed mothers and agreed to take her there and take care of her while she was there. The baby would then be placed up for adoption and she could return to school and finish her high school education.

It was a different time, unlike today where the girl remains in school and around her friends and it is accepted and even somewhat expected to have pregnant girls in High School… It just didn’t occur that much back then and if it did the girls were usually taken to away to places for unwed mothers or moved to family members that were far away.

She ended up having a little girl and the girl was placed up for adoption. A few years later she met a man while she was working in a factory. He told her that he loved her and she moved in with him and became pregnant. The man found out that she was pregnant and kicked her out and moved a different girl friend in.

She didn’t know where to turn so she went back to her Uncle that helped her the first time. This time he suggested that she get an abortion. When she refused, He told her that he was not going to help her this time and she was on her own. She had no where to turn so she moved into an old friends house but quickly got thrown out of there also.

Pregnant and no where to turn she moved into the Salvation Army shelter where she lived until the birth of the child. She planned on raising this child on her own but the state had different idea’s. After she was admitted to the hospital the case worker for the state came along and told her that she would have to sign papers to have the child put up for adoption. She didn’t want to but what hope did she have? She had no money, No place to Live, No way to get the food that her and the child needed so she signed the papers.

The child was born, this time a baby boy which she named Tommy. Two days later little Tommy was taken away and placed into foster care. The mother didn’t believe in God and thought the church was only a group of hypocrites. After all where were they when she needed help? Oh, they talk a good game… They love to condemn… But where were they when she needed them?

The little boy was placed into a loving home that loved the Lord. The child was raised in church. Life was not perfect for the little boy, There were hardships that came his way. But he was given the gift of life and the gift of a mother and father that loved him and instilled Christian values in him.

He graduated High School and served 4 years in defending this country in the military. After he got out he went to college and graduated. He got married and has children of his own.

Today Little Tommy Stands before you as your...

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