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Yet, excuses still abound. “It’s too hard. It’s too messy. It’s too inconvenient. It’s takes too much time.” I just have one thing to say—“Wah!”

“It doesn’t really matter. What difference can I make?” Actually each one of us makes a huge difference. Do you believe that every single person matters to God? Do you believe that you matter to God? Then why would be so hard to believe that you can make a difference here. And that we (together) can make a huge difference.

“It’s all some liberal agenda to take down big business.” I’ve heard this and honestly it is rooted in ignorance. When in Ireland, I was so impressed with the overall concern for the environment and how widespread the efforts were at changing the way we take care of our world.

“It costs too much.” Sometimes it does cost more to do something that is right, good, fair, and just.

“It’s all going to be burned up anyway.” That’s just lame and bad theology as well. God said that what he created was very good! In fact, throughout the bible and especially in Revelation, those who destroy his creation are characterized as the enemies of God. I wonder whose side we are really on.

“It’s too hard to change my ways. I’ve never had to do it before.” “Changing our ways” is the very basis of what it means to follow Jesus and be a Christian. Repentance means to turn around and go in the opposite direction. And that’s the point, many people haven’t really surrendered this area to God. We haven’t sought to do what is right.

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