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Brussel Spout Theology

Zed grew up in a Brussel Sprout family. In fact, Zed's family has a long history with Brussel Sprouts. They can trace their digestion of Brussel Sprouts as far back as the 1200's in Belgium and Northern Europe. Several of Zed's grandfathers were Brussel Sprout farmers and scholars.

For as long as Zed can remember Brussel Sprouts were served in his family at least twice a week and sometimes more than that! Twice every Sunday and every Wednesday evening was a Brussel Sprout ritual for Zed's family.

There were times when Zed got tired and bored with Brussel Sprouts, but Mom and Dad (mostly Mom) persisted in explaining the benefits of Brussel Sprouts. Brussel Sprouts are filled with vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fiber and helpful in preventing colon cancer.

As Zed got older, into college, and into life, he decided that he was old enough to make his own decisions regarding Brussel Sprouts. Many of his friends grew up in families where they were allowed to make their own decisions regarding Brussel Sprouts, so he decided that he would do the same. Zed met Nelda and they got married. Nelda grew up in a family that had other preferences regarding vegetables, but their family was as devoted to their vegetable as was Zed's family. Nelda was happy to let Zed lead, and she agreed to do whatever Zed wanted.

Zed and Nelda began their life together and alternated their vegetables, but never really settled into a consistent pattern. After all, they felt pressured by their parents while they were growing up and were glad to finally be out on their own.

Eventually, Ned and Zelda had two children, Bart and Barb. Both sets of grandparents emphasized the need for regular vegetable consumption for the grandchildren, but Ned and Zelda were content to allow their children to make their own choices.

On special occasions and holidays, Ned, Zelda, Bart and Barb did have Brussel Sprouts. Out of respect for their parents, Ned, Zelda, Bart and Barb did have Brussel Sprouts on Mother's Day, Father's Day and some other occasions when they visited back home.

Bart and Barb really enjoyed their time with the grandparents and longed for their parents to serve Brussel Sprouts more often, but Ned and Zelda were set in their ways and always found...

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