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In the last hour, while we were in Sunday school -- or any hour, for that matter, here is what typically happens in this world.

2,738 people died from starvation

342 people died from malaria

76 mothers died from childbirth

9,582 babies died from induced abortion

8,898 infants and children were abandoned

4,650 rural poor people migrated to cities

$2trillion (2thoushand million), 86 billion, and 752 million dollars was earned by church members

$2 million, 738 thousand dollars were given to foreign missions.

$2 million, 966 thousand was embezzled by trusted church leaders (more than given to missions)

20 Christians were martyred, put to death for their faith, in the last hour.

[source: Mission Maker 2009 Magazine, numbers rounded off and adapted]

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