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One woman called her flight agent to book a flight to New York. She said, "I want to go and see the wonders of Hippopotamus, New York; please book me a flight from Dallas."

The agent said, "I'm sorry Madame, but there is no such city. Perhaps you want Albany or Syracuse?" After ten minutes the agent said, "Maybe you want to go to Buffalo?"

"Oh yes, that is the place, because I want to see the wonders of Niagara Falls," the woman said. "I knew it was near the city that sounded like a huge animal!"

That woman was genuinely excited about going to learn about a place she had never been, even though her knowledge left something to be desired. Many people in the USA are more in wonderment about what Brett Farve will do for the New York Jets than they are about the wonders that God is going to do in their life this year.

I have often heard the President of Trinity College say to our graduating students, "Never lose the wonder of the Lord. Otherwise you will grow stale, dull and eventually lose your fervor in serving him." He is exactly right.

(from a sermon by Paul Fritz, 8/11/08)

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