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One of my favourite stories, (whether it is true or not I cannot really say – the Irish love telling “stories”), is about the golfer Seve Ballesteros when he was playing in the Irish Open Golf Championship at Portmarnock. Apparently one of the evenings after play Ballesteros turned up at the Club House not wearing a tie. The doorman who was undoubtedly being a little too zealous stopped him, and pointed out that Club rules required the earing of a tie, to which Ballesteros replied, “Do you know who I am.” “Yes, sir,” replied the doorman, but you must still wear a tie. “Look, Ballesteros replied, I am the world’s number 1 golfer.” The doorman acknowledged that, and responded, “But you must still wear a tie to get in.” At this point, the golfer growing evermore frustrated with the doorman declared, “Look, if I wanted to I could buy this clubhouse and the entire club.” “In that case”, replied the doorman, “you can afford to buy a tie.”

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