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As Christians today we tend to blend in with the world. We don’t want to be seen as a fanatic. We should want to be considered a fanatic.

The shorten form of the word fanatic is fan, Which in sports or entertainment is a compliment. We are not ashamed to be considered a razorback fan; We wear our Razorback hoodie all the time. We are not ashamed to be considered a certain music artist’s fan; We wear our concert t-shirt once a week. We are not ashamed to be considered a certain politicians fan; We place their signs in our yard and stickers on our car. But we are often ashamed to be considered a fanatical Christian. We show this by conforming to this world.

We try to be like a hunter on a deer stand yesterday morning. We cover our bodies with worldly camouflage: Camo jacket, camo shirt, camo pants, boots, gloves. We put on the smallest amount of Christian orange to get by, Hoping the deer, which is the world, won’t get a glimpse of our Christianity. (Don’t want to scare them off.)

I tell ya what folks, the world needs to be scared, scared of what is to come, scared of the hell on earth they are about to face during the Tribulation period, scared to death of the results of rejecting Jesus as their Savior, scared of the punishment of an eternity in a literal hell, and a lake of fire, darkness, eternal torment and unimaginable, unending pain.

Some may say you don’t need to scare people into heaven. Folks, more people need to wake up and smell the brimstone. They need to be scared, and conforming Christians are very much to blame. Are you conformed to this world? Are you just barely squeaking by with just enough Christian orange on?

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