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As I mentioned, ancients held the belief that blood was significant. It was powerful. The Hebrews would hold animal sacrifices. The blood would be used to symbolically cover up the sin of the people. Hebrews 9:22 says that forgiveness does not come without the shedding of blood. The Hebrews had to every year kill a goat and sprinkle blood over everyone. They believed that this was powerful and significant.

The priest would take some hyssop and fling blood over everyone just like this. [Take a branch and go around flinging water on people after dipping in a bowl]. Pretty disgusting, for us, huh? But not for them. This was exciting and good. They probably would have pushed their way to be at the front. “Sprinkle me!” They might have camped out to be first in line just like people do when we worship on the altar of consumerism on Black Friday. Maybe we really haven’t changed too much. Maybe we really aren’t that much more sophisticated.

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