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After many years of prayer by friends and family, Allen finally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Initially when I met Allen he hadn’t surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. There was just something about Allen, even when he was upset with you, you couldn’t help but like the man.

But Jesus Christ performed a miracle in his life. He came to church one day and said "Jesse I’m ready to accept Jesus." Now remember, Allen had a flare for the dramatic after all he married Norma on the 4th of July. The men of the church came forward and prayed over him anointed him and his life immediately began to change.

Right there in the back pew, before the service ever started, Allen accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. A few weeks later he was baptized in a horse trough in the church parking lot. The water was a little warm, Allen was joyful and excited about his decision, he said, "All I need now is a little soap and I can really get clean." The several children that witnessed the service were inspired by what he had done and started asking questions about what it meant to be baptized.

Allen and I called each other and prayed over the phone. He was a man of God and I loved him so much, and he loved me, I wish I could have gotten to know him better. But because of his decision I will see him again.

If Allen could speak to you now, I believe he would say, "Dear friends and family please listen to every word that my brother Jesse is about to speak, for if you listen and hear the call I will see you here in Heaven with me a place to wonderful for anyone to describe."

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