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How Many Promises in the Bible?

Dr. Everek R. Storms of Ontario spent a vast amount of time studying the promises of Scripture. Writing in Contact Magazine, he said:

“The Holy Scriptures contain a grand total of 8,810 promises. How do I know? I counted them. Dr. Storms goes on to classify the promises found in Scripture into eight kinds:

• There are 7,487 promises from God to man (about 85 percent of all the Bible’s promises).

• There are 991 instances of one person making a promise to another person.

• There are 290 promises from man to God.

• There are promises made by the angels, most of them found in Luke.

• There are nine promises made by “that old liar, the devil.”

• Two promises are made by an evil spirit.

• Two are made by God the Father to God the Son.

(Everek R. Storms, Standing on the Promises, Contact, March 1978, 13–14.)

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