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Speaking of gender issues, I heard that a while back Bill Gates decided it was time to figure out what gender a computer is. I mean, we assign gender to a lot of inanimate objects. In fact, in Spanish every noun is either male or female.

Bill Gates called together his top male experts and his best female experts and told them he’d give them a day to come up with a recommendation for what gender a Computer should be. Needless to say, they couldn’t agree. Here’s what they came up with.

The women said computers should be masculine. Here were their reasons.

• A computer is definitely masculine because … the only way to get their attention, is to turn them on;

• They have a lot of data … but they are still clueless;

• They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem … and …

• As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you’d waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.

The men’s group said computers should definitely be feminine because:

• No one but their Creator understands their internal logic;

• The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;

• Even the smallest mistakes are stored permanently in long-term memory for later retrieval … and …

• As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

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