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How easy it is to give credit and thanks to everything and everyone but the real source of al our blessings! God deserves our thanks.

For some of us there may be many reasons to be thankful this coming Thursday. Perhaps we may even see it as the best year we have ever had. For others of us, it hasn’t been the best of years. We had an evacuation, there was a hurricane, there has been recovery. Gas prices have been up most of the year and now the stock market is down. Many of us have great concerns for the future.

For me personally this has been a year of ups and downs. Of course all of the reasons that I have already mentioned but that is by no means all. I had to move this year, and that is always stressful and now I am dealing with an illness that has me worried about my future. Still at the same time however, I got to move to a new place where I have come to know many new friends and have already had many blessings. And, for whatever else this crazy illness might bring, I know that God is with me and some how, some way, God is going to see me through that too. I recognize that I am a blessed man. I have a talented staff, great congregations, many friends, a wonderful wife and a loving family. I am blessed and I am thankful, not just this Thursday, but every day.

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