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When I lived in Ottawa, KS there was a salvage yard especially for trucks -- big trucks, mid-size trucks, cabs of all sizes and trailers, too -- the truck salvage yard had it all. In reality it looked like a cemetery for old, broken down trucks. This salvage yard spanned a half mile location along the interstate -- making an eye sore in a lot of people’s minds. People even tried to get the county commission to make the salvage yard to put up some kind of fence to block the view of the "junky" trucks. The owner of the truck salvage yard claimed his inventory of old broken down trucks was valuable merchandise.

One person once said that it would be great if the trucks in his salvage yard could somehow be transformed and changed into new trucks. The person went on to say that it would be great if all the junky trucks could somehow be skimmed away and miraculously replaced by new, shiny trucks. Rather than the eye sore that people saw as they drove by the salvage yard they would instead see something beautiful -- or at least something more appealing than salvage and junk.

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