Sermon Illustrations

A man was walking through an art gallery when he came upon a picture of the Lord Jesus dying upon the cross. He stopped and looked at the beautiful portrait of Calvary’s love. As he stared into the face of Christ, so full of agony the gallery guard tapped him on the shoulder. “Lower,” the guard said. “ The artist painted this picture to be appreciated from a lower position.” So the man bent down. And from this lower position he observed new beauties in the picture not previously shown. “ Lower,” said the guard. “Lower still.” The man knelt down on one knee and looked up into the face of Christ. The new vantage point yielded new beauties to behold and appreciate.

But motioning with his torch toward the ground, the guard said, “Lower. You’ve got to go lower.” The man now dropped down to two knees and looked up. Only then as he looked up at the painting from such a low posture could he realise the artist’s intended perspective. Only then could he see the full beauty of the cross.

Is the same not true in worship? Only as we position ourselves lower and lower in humble submission can we behold more fully the glories of our wonderful Lord. This is the scene in Heaven. This is our God, He is still on the Throne. Here is Who we must worship. Here is How we must worship. Let’s give Him the glory. Let us add our voices to the angels and the elders and exclaim, ““Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

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