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Faith in What You Cannot See

As I considered today's sermon, I reflected on the some of the stories my father would share with me. In his youth he carried a pilot's license, and once and a while he would rent a small Cessna and fly around with a couple friends. I once asked him what the hardest part of flying was. He told me that it was trusting in your instruments. He described what it was like getting caught in a storm and not being able to see. Everything in you wants to look out the windshield and figure out what's going on, but that is a fatal move. You must fully trust your instruments; they do not lie.

It would seem to me that this is very similar to living a life of faith. We are called to trust not in our feelings but rather in the unseen God who does not lie.

(From Christopher Nerreau's Sermon "Don't Lose Heart")

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