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"God summons us to seek our best creative selves. He calls us to become artists of life, seers of truth, creators of new possibilities, and innovative problem solvers. Perhaps by looking at Jesus' life and seeing His creative spirit at work, we can begin to awaken to the creative possibilities of our own." (Discipleship Journal Issue 48, Nov./Dec. 1988)David used what he had - a sling. For the little boy at the feeding of the 5,000 it was five loaves and two fish. For Samson it was the jawbone of a donkey. God can use anything.

The major problem is workers in the Philippines nowadays have a personal slogan: "No support, no work"

They live by fix. They never involve in the ministry without sure support or someone to backup their financial needs.

I remember the children in World War II. At the close of the war, the Allied armies gathered up many hungry orphans. They were placed in camps where they were well-fed. Despite excellent care, they slept poorly. They seemed nervous and afraid. Finally, a psychologist came up with the solution. Each child was given a piece of bread to hold after he was put to bed. This particular piece of bread was just to be held--not eaten. The piece of bread produced wonderful results. The children went to bed knowing instinctively they would have food to eat the next day. That guarantee gave the children a restful and contented sleep.

A Committed Christian serves the Lord absolutely. They serve and live by faith in God.

"My Job is to do the best I can. The rest is in God's hands." --Martin Luther Jr

From Joel Santos' Sermon "A Committed Christian"

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