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What is Christmas is really about? I would say it is not about simply being filled with joy and singing and family and relationships as the Whos seem to think Christmas is about. In fact Christmas is about a person: Jesus. It is about the one who was born as an outcast. His mother and father disowned by their families and their community. They were cast out and no one showed mercy on them except a low-life tavern owner (where no good self-respecting, righteous [tsadiqs] would ever consider staying) who showed some measure of compassion on a pregnant young girl and allowed them to stay in his cave where some livestock were kept.

There was no room for them inside. There was no room for an adulteress in the homes of their family. There was no place for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to be born except in a pig sty. Seems pretty harsh, doesn't it?

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