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One hot day, Herman Trueblood, all clean and cooled off by a nice swim in the ocean, saw a sweating man and his two sons trying on a hot day to push a disabled car up an incline. Two voices started yelling at each other inside him. One said, "There is an opportunity for service; you ought to help them push." The other voice protested, "Now that is none of your business. You will get yourself all hot and dirty. Let them handle their own affair."

He finally yielded to his better impulse. He put his shoulder to the task. The car moved and kept moving. A simple thing then happened which Trueblood never forgot.

The father stuck out his dirty hand, and Trueblood stuck out his... The father said, "I am very glad that you came along. You had just enough strength, added to ours, to make the thing go."

Trueblood later reflected, "Years have passed since that hot day, but I can still hear that man saying, 'You had just enough strength, added to ours, to make the thing go.'"

There are many thousands of people struggling to get some heavy load over the hill, and I probably have "just enough strength, added to theirs, to make the thing go."

(From Christopher Surber's Sermon "The Art of One-Anothering")

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