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Father More Anxious To Find Boy

One Sunday night D. L. Moody preached in a big circus tent near the Columbian Exposition in Chicago from the text, "The Son of man is come to seek and to save the lost." After he had finished, a little boy was brought to the platform by an officer who had found the child wandering in the crowd, lost. Mr. Moody took him in his arms and asked the crowd to look at the lost child.

Mr. Moody said, "The father is more anxious to find the boy than the boy is to be found. It is just so with our Heavenly Father, for long years He has been following you, oh, sinner. He is following you still!"

At that very moment a man with a pale and anxious face elbowed his way to the platform. When the boy saw him he broke free from the preacher and ran as fast he could to the edge of the stage where he launched himself into space, threw himself into his father's outstretched arms. The multitude that witnessed the scene, broke into a mighty cheer. "Thus," cried Mr. Moody, "will God receive you if you will only run to Him today. --King's Business

From Rick Stacy's Sermon "Find the Way-Our Purpose"

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