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How Can We Be A Friend To The Suffering?

1. We can be there for them.

2. We can feel their pain.

3. We can encourage them.

4. We can listen more than we talk.

5. We can be honest: I don’t know… don’t try to explain everything.

6. We can look beyond their faults and look to their needs.

7. We can emphasize God’s love and compassion.

8. We can pray for them.

Even though it may seem that life is crashing around you right now. And though you may wonder if you will make it through. Trust in the Lord, lean upon Him, stay faithful to God, and in the end you will be victorious. God will bring you through. He will open the windows of Heaven in your life once again, and your life will be ever more blessed because you proved your faithfulness through it all.

From Fran Van Hoven’s Sermon “Job 8”

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