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James DeLoach tells of a painting of an old burned-out mountain shack. All that remained was the chimney...the charred debris of what had been that family's sole possession. In front of this destroyed home stood an old grandfather-looking man dressed only in his underclothes with a small boy clutching a pair of patched overalls. It was evident that the child was crying. Beneath the picture were the words which the artist felt the old man was speaking to the boy. They were simple words, yet they presented a profound theology and philosophy of life. Those words were, "Hush child, God ain't dead!"

That vivid picture of that burned-out mountain shack, that old man, the weeping child, and those words "God ain't dead" convey a powerful message. It is not a message of despair of life; it is a reminder of hope! In the midst of all of life's troubles and failures, it is a reminder that all is not lost as long as God is alive and in control of His world.

(Adapted by Gerald Flury, from his sermon, "The Hope of Christmas")

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