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I read a fascinating article last week that invited me to watch a breath-taking phenomenon that only occurs once every 44 years. It is the aligning of Jupiter and Venus with the Moon. Added to this amazing spectacle, viewed best with binoculars because the evening light would make it hard to see with the naked eye, was the flight path of a 737 in the zone and as a result would cast a bright orange reflection on its underbelly. The account would occur at 4:13 local time. This spectacular show would not occur again until November 18, 2052. The article did not tell me the date or whose local time for this amazing show! I assumed it was four years to the day for the next scheduled occurrence so this stage show would occur November 18, 2008. In any event, I didn't see the show.

The phenomenon of all times, never to repeat itself in history was the account in the Bible of a significant birth, signatured by a star in the east. To see it once was to view a spectacle that nature would never repeat again for the naked eye to see.

(From Dale Pilgrim's Sermon "The Seeking Magi")

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