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An Australian mining town will always remember the year of the dramatic rescue. An earthquake killed one miner and trapped two others 3,000 feet under the ground. Days turned into weeks as miners bore through tons of rock; rescuers could only work one at a time on their backs in a cramped rescue tunnel, using hand-held tools to avoid caving. They dug through rock five times harder than cement. Five days after the accident the two trapped miners heard the sounds of the rescuers. Six days later a small crack was made and food and hope was passed to trapped men. Fourteen days after the accident, over 300 hours of waiting for rescue, the two miners were freed. Bill Shorten, national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, said, “This is the biggest escape from the biggest prison.”

Four hundred years people waited to hear from God. Now he has spoken. A rescue plan has been implemented and successfully rescued people in the most binding of prisons, their sin. Do you hear the Lord knocking? That’s the sound of deliverance. Come to Christ right now.

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