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While walking along the shores of the Dead Sea one day, a man lost his balance and fell into the water at a point where it was rather deep. Never having learned to swim, he was panic-stricken. In desperation he began to thrash about with his arms and legs, fearing he would sink and drown. At last completely exhausted, he felt he could do no more. Crying out to God for help, he prepared for the worst.

What a surprise awaited him; for as soon as he relaxed the water bore him up. He had forgotten that the Dead Sea is so full of salt and other minerals that if a person lies still, he can easily float upon its surface. He will not drown as long as he resigns himself to the buoyancy of the water.

This simple story has a profound lesson for us who are the Lord’s children. His everlasting arms will uphold us if we simply relinquish our unnecessary fears and cease from our own carnal efforts. The safety and serenity offered by such a complete reliance on Him will quiet our hearts even in our most desperate hours of difficulty. The eternal God is a never-failing Help when we flounder in the sea of trial and sorrow.

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