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The Irish novelist George Moore tells a story about Irish peasants who, during the Great Depression, were put to work by the government building roads. For a time the men worked well, and they sang hardily as they worked. They were glad for employment, and they felt they were contributing to the good of the nation. But little by little it began to dawn on them that the roads they were building were going nowhere. It became clear that they had been put to work so the government would have an excuse to feed them. It was pointless busywork. It didn't take long for the men to grow listless and quit singing their songs. Moore insightfully concludes: "The roads to nowhere are difficult to build."

In our own day, when purpose reaches no higher than materialism, sports, pleasure, or the next television show, we have embarked on roads to nowhere.

From Kirk Romberg's Sermon "Doing the Work Together"

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