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Paul Harvey tells about a airline stewardess who was being harassed by a slightly inebriated man up in the first class section who was making passes at her and trying to get her to agree to meet him in his hotel suite that night. With some difficulty she got away from him, only to encounter another man at the rear of the plane acting the same way, trying to find out where she was staying, and making suggestive proposals to her about that night. At last, the pilot announced that they were making their final approach for landing. Once again the guy in the front offered her a key to his hotel suite and begged her to meet him there. To his delight , she smiled at him and accepted his key, placing it securely in the pocket of her apron. Then she worked her way back towards the rear of the plane. When she got there she took the key out of her apron and with a big smile handed it to the other guy and said, “Now don’t be late”

We need to learn to say no.

From Anthony Zibolski’s Sermon “The Life of Joseph”

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