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Roger Bannister was an Olympian. Every four years we have the games. Four minutes was the fastest record to ever run the mile. Ever since statisticians kept records, they knew that no one would could ever beat that record. But Roger Bannister didn't listen to them--he went out and broke it and made sports history. Hundreds of years of record keeping--poof! But here is the most interesting part. After Roger broke the record, within ten years 336 runners broke that record also. What happened?

Simple. The barrier was in the athlete's minds. They had believed what the experts said. They were convinced no on could break the record.

The point: You will never go beyond the barriers in your own mind. If you think you can't, you won't and never will try. If you are defeated in your mind, you've already lost the battle.

(From Michael West's Sermon "Breaking the Curse")

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