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Three preachers on fishing trip. The Methodist says, "Hey guys, since we’re not catching anything, why don’t we pass the time by sharing our secret sins?" The Pentecostal says, "I think that would be great!", but the Baptist says, "I don’t know...I think that’s a bad idea." After a half an hour of coaxing from the Methodist and Pentecostal, the Baptist finally agrees on the condition that he can go last. The Methodist begins, "I know you guys won’t believe this, but every Friday night I go to the bar in the next town and get plastered!" The other two gasp and sit quietly. After about 5 minutes the Pentecostal says, "Ok. My turn. For the last 6 months, I have been having an affair with another woman." The other two gasp and sit quietly. An hour passes, and the Methodist and Pentecostal get impatient. "Brother, we told our secret sins; it’s only fair that you share yours too." The Baptist minister hangs his head, exhales deeply and says, "OK. You’ve got me. Here it is -- I am the worst gossiper in the town, and I can’t wait to get back home!"

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