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The classic test an atheist will give to prove there is no God is this: "If there is a God, let him kill me right now". When nothing happens, they will confidently claim, "See there is no God, for I am still alive and well." Now if we were to ask the atheist, "What if someone came up to you at this very moment and shot you? Would that prove that there is a God?" "No, of course not", the atheist would respond, "God has to do it himself".

Oh, I see how it is.

We set the parameters of the possible results, we set the goals that must be achieved, we set the process to work out the when events happen, or when events don't happen THEN we know our faith is real or not, THEN we know if something is real or not.

In the early days of the church, thousands of Christians were chased down, enslaved, imprisoned and murdered -- Was their faith not real, was their faith not strong enough, because things obviously didn't work out for them. Today in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Christians are enslaved, imprisoned and murdered -- Is their faith not real enough, is their faith not strong enough, because clearly, things are not working out for them either...

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