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Things Neglected

Once an ever waking thought

Once an every day pursuit

And then the day arrived

Where it was passed by

Maybe for just an instant

But it’s worth diminished in that moment

And in time it fell into the common ground

Of those things neglected.

One day the most valued thing of all

In time just a faded memory

Life becomes like a carousel

Riding a different colored horse each day

The most important thing

Loses it’s hold on us

And we ponder why it held us so

And now is forever in the realm

Of those things neglected.

They were closer than anyone

They shared moments that no one else knew

It was sure to last forever

It had to be true

But time and distance came

And life changed before our eyes

Now they are just a faded memory in our lives

Not that they weren’t important

It was great we both were there

Once in a while we remember

Once in a while we share

Those things neglected.

Life is a collection of things you don’t possess

It moves so fast

And the new page is always different

And the old scenes are special

But the paper is faded

And sometimes we stumble across that path

And for a moment we are there again

But the visit is short

Because new things are knocking

And we must move on

Until we arrive at the place

And accept it is gone

At the end we look back

And realize the loss

Of those things neglected.

SPF—Stephen Funderburk

Copyright April 2007

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