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God breathed out our sun. His word put the earth in its orbit around the sun. But this is really nothing. Our sun is one of between 200 and 400 billion other suns in our galaxy. What is our galaxy called? Milky way.

Now I want to show you a picture. [This picture can be found online at our website:] This is a picture of a galaxy. Not our galaxy... Think about it. How would we ever get a picture of our galaxy like this. This the whirlpool galaxy, which known as the darling of astronomy. There are about 300 billion stars here. It is not the hot tub galaxy. So in our galaxy and the whirlpool galaxy (far, far away), there are (not Star Wars) but as many as 700 billion stars. Yet our galaxy is one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies. A pretty big universe, right?

Do you know how far away this whirlpool galaxy is? 31 million light years. If you travel at the speed of light (which is how fast? 187K per second) for 31 million years, you'll finally get there. That's a lot of generations asking, "Are we there yet?"

God breathed all these stars too. This is cool. At the center of this whirlpool galaxy is a black hole and do you know what astronomers have seen there? Take a look...

That is cool, isn't it? It is awesome. 31 million light years away and we see this. Reminder? Coincidence? You can draw your own conclusions.

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