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The silkworm makes an amazing journey to becoming a moth. At one point in the journey, the worm spins about itself a remarkable cocoon. The little sack is composed of 400 to 800 yards of silk fiber which seals it from the inside as it waits for metamorphosis. When that happens, the adult moth will break the cocoon, tearing apart the fine silk cords that bind it, and fly free.

But the silkworm farmer, interested only in harvesting the silk, does not allow most of these worms to become adults. At a key point in the cycle, he steams the cocoons to keep the moths inside from maturing. That way they don’t break the fine threads that bind them and ruin the silk.

That’s not what we’re about as a church. We’re not about keeping you trapped in a cocoon made up of the fine silk threads of rules and regulations. No. We’re in the business of teaching people how to fly free!

(From a sermon by C. Philip Green, "Breaking Free")

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