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Last Sunday, right after church, when I got home tired and emotionally spent, I plopped into my easy chair and turned the TV on. The last few minutes of "Titanic" was on. In the conclusion, Rose (played by Kate Winslet) is an old woman. She lost the love of her life in the sinking of the ship many years early and had told her story. Now she lies down, shuts her eyes, and breathes her last. Her spirit goes down into the cold water to the ship below. As she nears the ballroom, the ship reverts back to its former glory, and she is transformed to her former youth and beauty. As she goes through the door, all her old friends are waiting for her with huge smiles and loving eyes. Her love (Jack), in all his handsome, manly youth, waits lovingly for her on the stairs with arms open. They fall into each others arms and kiss.

It occurred to me that Jack represented Jesus. When we come to the Home we were created for, to the Love we were created for -- it might be something like that. All our old friends and the family that loved us so dearly will be waiting lovingly for us. What a joyful day it will be. How happy and full of love we will be.

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