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In 2009 we still have the "filthy five" (as I learned them at my mother's knee) -- "Smokin', Cussin', Dancin', Chewin' and Associatin' with Them That's Doin'!" Another example is the "Blue Laws" of the middle of the last century, which closed business establishments on Sundays. The prohibition against working and buying things on the Lord's Day are a direct reflection of an earlier commitment to the Sabbath laws of Moses.

There are all kinds of prohibitions; if you want to be accepted in Christian churches, you have to know where the sacred cows graze! In 1977, Elizabeth and I moved to Florida. When we settled in the little village of Homosassa Springs, we began to hunt for a church. One Sunday, we attended a little Baptist church close to home. As we approached the front door, there were two men standing there. We later found out their job was to make sure "none of them trouble-makin' women's-libbers came in the door wearing pants."

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