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Now here is the craziest thing. It is amazing. Some of you probably have seen this. In Christ, all things are held together. The heavens. The earth. And even our bodies. This is amazing. It is totally outrageous. And we call it Laminin. I first heard this through a preach named Louie Giglio. He also has talked about some of thing that I shared two weeks ago.

Say it with me...laminin. Lam – in – in. It is the most amazing thing. It is the cell adhesion molecule. Isn't that cool? All the different cells in our bodies and all the DNA code and all the different things need something to hold it together, and it is Laminin. It is the rebar of the body. (show pic) How many of you know what rebar is? Rebar is the steel that they pour concrete around in order to hold it together and give it strength. Laminin is the rebar of the body.

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