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"Only One Boy"

One missionary to China tells of a boy who "prepared the way" for Jesus in a certain village. The missionary had never visited this village before. "Are there any Christians in your village?" he asked a man. "Only one boy," was the answer.

The missionary walked on, and stopping at house asked for some water. "Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?" he asked as he took the water.

"Oh, yes," was the answer, "there is a boy here who is always talking about Him. He wants me to give up idols, but I dare not do that. But I sometimes think he is right. He is so changed. He used to be selfish and bad-tempered. Now he is unselfish and good-natured, and it is Christ who has made the change."

This woman and many others afterward became Christians because of the boy. Like John, he turned many to the Lord God.

--Earnest Worker

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