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The number 40 is an important spiritual symbol in the Bible.

Noah’s flood -- 40 days and nights

Moses on the mountain -- 40 days and nights

Elijah in the wilderness headed for Sinai/Horeb to hear the still, small voice -- 40 days

Jesus tempted in the wilderness for 40 days and nights.

4, the number of the created order in gematria

* 4 cardinal directions,

* 4 living creatures around the throne of God (birds, domesticated animals, wild animals and humans --the fish get squeezed out in the vision because of Dagon and Leviathan, I suppose, but biologically, fish and birds are really the same--birds fly in the air and often swim in the water, fish swim in the water and sometimes fly in the air)

* 4 rivers coming out of the Garden of Eden, etc.

10=the number of sufficiency

* 2 hands of 5 digits each and 2 feet of 5 digits each

* the amount of time sufficient for CREATION, the CREATED ORDER to understand that Jesus was ALIVE!

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