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At the dramatic conclusion of the musical, Camelot, the tragic figure of King Arthur calls a boy named Tom out of the bushes. Arthur dubs the boy a “Knight of the Round Table,” but orders him not to fight in the battle. He is to “grow up and grow strong” in order to tell of the ideals and accomplishments of Camelot so future generations would remember. A similar scene takes place in the graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 (recently released as a feature film). One of the Spartans has lost an eye, so Leonidas sends him back to tell the citizens to “Remember us!” as the dying heroes’ way of saying that “Freedom has a cost.” Of course, Miller was kinder to Aristodemus than Herodotus was—the Greek historian noting that Aristodemus was considered a “craven,” a coward until he redeemed himself at the Battle of Plataea.

These messengers went on to share the messages they were given while others died. We have been sent to share the message of Christ--we get to live though He had to die.

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