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Dave Stone wrote in "If Jesus Lived in My Neighborhood" about his uncle Greg, who is a quadriplegic. A few years ago, Uncle Greg was able to attend a special-needs camp at Country Lake Christian Retreat in southern Indiana. A man named John was assigned to be with Uncle Greg for four solid days. For four days, twenty-four hours a day, John did everything for Uncle Greg. He fed him every bite. He gave him every drink. He bathed him and helped him with all his personal needs. He slept on a mattress on a concrete floor beside Uncle Greg’s bed. He took Uncle Greg out on the lake in a floatation device, and Uncle Greg swam for the first time in his life.

At the end of the week the campers all gathered before returning to their homes. Each was asked, "What was your favorite part of the week?" Almost unanimously they said "Swimming." When it was Uncle Greg’s turn to talk about his favorite part of the week, he simply pointed to John and said, "You!"

(From a sermon by Paul Decker, "Our Time, Our Turn, Our All" 1/11/2009)

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