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I enjoyed a Charles Schultz cartoon that showed Snoopy sliding along the frozen pond on his little bare paws. He’s havin’ a great time. He’s smiling and has his little skullcap on. Lucy walks up and slides out onto the pond with her skates on, and Snoopy doing a little twirl, slides up right in front of her. She says to him, "That’s not skating, that’s sliding." And he just stands there and looks up at her as she goes on with her lecture, "You don’t have any skates on. Skating is when you have skates on. You’re not skating at all. YOU’RE JUST SLIDING!"

Snoopy finally walks off with his little feet to the side and says, "How could I have been so stupid. And I thought I was having fun."

(From a sermon by Rick Finitzer, "A FAILED FISHING VENTURE" 1/13/2009)

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