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George Muller pastored his first church at the age of 25 (1830) and was paid $275.00 a year. He learned through the next five years to trust God for His provision.

George Muller began a ministry in 1835 for orphaned children based entirely upon God for support. April, 1836 he had 26 children with the applicants continuing to come in. Within a few years, thousands of orphans on Ashley Down, near Bristol, England, were having their needs met, because of Muller’s mission. George Muller was asked if he found the Lord faithful to His promises, Muller without hesitation said, "Always. For nearly seventy years every need in connection with this work has been supplied."

Talking to a friend, Muller emphasized his dependence on God for help: "During all these years I have been enabled to trust in God for help, in the living God, and in Him alone. We have needed as much as $250,000 in one year, and it has all come by the time it has been really needed. No man on earth can say that I have ever asked him for a penny. All has come in answer to believing prayer." George Muller -- "a man of faith".

In 1831 he received 151 pounds in answer to prayer, but he gave away 50 pounds. In 1833, his income 267 pounds – gave to the Lord’s work 110 pounds. 1856 to 1865 -- $50,000 – gave $41,250. When he died at the age of 93 his entire personal estate was worth $850.00. He gave over $407,000 to the Lord’s work during his lifetime, or 80%.

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